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Cut OFF Date For Registration

Registration closes Friday 12pm (New Zealand standard time) prior to the Challenge start date shown on the main home page.

If you wish to commence the program on a start date other than the one listed on the main website page (upcoming challenge start date), please wait to register. Registering now means you will be starting on the start date indicated on the main website page.

Please note this is an Automated Personal Training program yet many of our Participants have seen fantastic results!

The program acts as your own personal trainer. I guide you through how to incorporate exercise into your current regime, how to eat better and how to establish healthier habits long term using over 17 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, with our fully automated step by step system.

The information is similar to what we teach our personal one on one clients, who pay in access of $1200 to have a physical trainer present BUT is an automated generic program.

Some people love the program and get fantastic results, and others need more of a personal approach, so this program is not for them.

Using our Unique Goal Setting system, clients are encouraged to stay focused on their goals and put everything they learn into practice. Even though there is no personalised one on one advice offered, it has been found that clients have achieved similar and in some cases, better results on the this program than from the one on one personal training that HealthMastery also offers!

Have you heard of the Hawthorne effect before?

What it basically means is that you improve or modify an aspect of your behavior simply in response to the fact that you are being ‘watched’ or monitored.

Studies have shown that participants on an automated online program to change their habits perform better and get better results from receiving emails as they FEEL they are being assessed or watched.

Even though participants know that the program is automated, they still felt accountable enough to radically change their habits than those who go it alone.

If you are after one on one support or guidance, this program may not be suitable for you. Please read our FAQ’s for more information on the program and to assess whether this is something you want to do.

You can the interact with Nalisha and other program participants on our Facebook page. We offer other helpful tips and tricks to boost results.
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Program Investment, refunds and start dates:

Please note that if we run a special offer on a Deal a Day site prices may vary on different sites depending on the terms of the promotion. We do not offer refunds for Deal a Day purchases under any circumstances.

Start dates may have to be shifted at the discretion of HealthMastery Ltd (WeightMastery Challenge). Please see website's main page for upcoming program start date.

Equipment needed and printing:

A set of hand weights for the weight training exercises and a swissball for some of the exercises. All can be purchased at low cost. A piece of cardio equipment (xtrainer, skipping rope, bike), gym or or use of the outdoors for your cardio.

You will be required to print off materials for the program. Please use your own discretion as to what materials you wish to print off and those you wish to read online.

Shameless Selling of my other products

I do shamelessly sell my other products as I am proud of the results they have given people! If you feel offended by selling in any way, then this program may not be right for you :)


If you have joined either our 'Shape Me Over' program or 'Look Sexier Naked' program in the past, note that the WeightMastery Challenge is very similar.
Please contact us to discuss first if you have purchased a program from us in the past.

Personalised support and Disclaimer:

Due to the nature of the automated and online program, we are unable to provide personalised support. We don't offer substitution exercises for injuries and are unable to offer specific exercise or nutritional support or guidance other than that provided in the program.

Please consult with your GP before starting the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Email addresses for program:

To participate in this program you need an email address and access to the internet to download materials and watch videos.

Once you register for the program you will NOT be able to change this email address.

For some reason we have had trouble in the past with some email addresses not receiving emails from our system...this may be due to your service provider having overactive spam filters and this tends to block emails containing weight loss advise, so please be aware of this issue.

To solve this problem quickly we have recommended clients to set up a gmail account which seems to work fine please set up a free gmail account at and click gmail on the top left hand corner and register using this Gmail account to avoid delays.

During the program if you think you are not receiving all our emails you will need to post a support ticket by going to the following link:

Results will vary and Check with GP:

Results will differ due to the nature of an individuals’ commitment to the programme and individual efforts. This program is not intended for people who are pregnant, have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, bulemia, anorexia or other serious health problem. We advise you check with your GP or Doctor before starting any new exercise and diet plan.

FAQ'S or Have a Question?

If you are having problems once started, please go to our FAQ's to see if you can solve the problem or it will guide you from there on how to contact us for support. If you are not receiving the emails once started (please check Challenge start dates first on the website), let us know of an alternative email address.

See our FAQ's before purchasing or registering for the program, to answer any questions and to place a support ticket if you have any other questions.

All support via Support Ticket Only:

We get asked why we don't list phone numbers on our site! We do all our support through our support ticketing system for ease of communication. Please see our FAQ's for any help and how to contact us through our support ticket system. We have a great team of Customer Service reps who will respond back to you via email.

Hitting reply to any of our program emails will results in an bounce back as it goes to a catch all account. If you wish to contact us, please place a support ticket.

I look forward to getting you started and helping you achieve the body and health you desire.

Get ready for a life changing 90 Days!

Sincerely, Your Friend and Personal Coach

Nalisha Patel.
HealthMastery Ltd

International Wellness Advisor, Magazine Contributor and Author
BSc Sports Science & Psychology
Westpac Young Business Person of the Year 2008 – Finalist

Automated program that acts as your own Personal Trainer. If you are wanting personalised advice on the program or for nutrition, additional fees will apply.

More Client Success Stories*



Client Success Story
Sarah H, Auckland.

“The program is making me accountable for my fitness and diet. I am thinking twice before I indulge or make excuses for not exercising."

The Program has given me new goals that are actually possible to achieve. Feel so much more energized. I actually enjoy going out in the cold and often rain to exercise. Because I am engaging in healthy eating habits along with exercise I have not as yet suffered any winter illnesses. As you don’t have to start out hard out, you can increase level of fitness and start to make healthy eating changes at a practical rate. Sometimes when we go all out to fast and it’s only a seven day wonder!”

The program works, furthermore amazing results can be achieved in a short time if you commit to the daily routine of good eating and exercise, and it soon becomes a way of everyday life.

Hey you slip up occasionally but you don’t give up! Just like we teach our children in life to persevere whether they are learning to walk, or ride a bike, whatever. The same applies to you keep on even if you don’t always see immediate results………they will come. I speak from experience.”

Sarah H, Auckland


Client Success Story

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal),

It was January and like most people I gained so much weight over December, heaps of parties, holidays and pure fun which always involved food and little or in my case no exercise. Life was busy, I was running my own business and simply did not have the time to exercise and eat right.

I grabbed things on the go and often it was the wrong foods, just to fill the hunger pains. I searched the internet for a “diet” that would work.

I came across HealthMastery and was skeptical. It was impossible for people to look so good just with eating right and some exercise I thought, but after having spoken to Nalisha for the first time, she answered many of the questions I had and I thought I’d give it a go.

I had no time to exercise, years of incorrect eating, not to mention the fact that I did not know what type of exercises to do.

I was introduced to things at a pace I could manage, starting with exercising 3 times a week, she gave me great nutritional tips about what to look out for on the packaging by looking at the fat content.

I kept a food diary and was surprised that I was allowed to eat more than what I did in the past, but it was the right kinds of food this time. As we progressed with my exercise routine I realized that I started getting stronger and could run for longer periods of time.

I am pleased to say that now I run 4km a day, this is a huge achievement for me considering I could not run for more than 2 minutes in the past without having to stop to catch my breath!

I love the foods I now eat (it’s not so much different from before, except I prepare it in a healthy manner and of course everything in moderation) and so enjoy my exercising, if I skip a day of exercising, I really miss it.

In just over 3 months I have lost a total of 36.1 cm. Wow, even I couldn’t believe it. I went from a size 16 and now fit in a size 10 (which was my goal), but I will continue to stick to my HealthMastery exercise routine and love the way I am eating now.

I’ve been told that I look years younger. I feel great, I have so much more energy, and I now coach my daughter’s netball team and actually have the energy to run around with 9-year old girls.

The greatest gift about all of this is the fact that my children have seen me looking so much better, eating healthier and exercising more and they want to do the same. What better reward than to motivate our children in a healthy way!

Thank you, you’ve given me my sanity back! And I will be happy to tell anyone who would like to listen about the benefits!

Faieka Abrahams - Auckland

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